The FreshLIST 028: New Electronic Music You’ve Never Heard [YouTube]



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Nora En Pure - Turn It Around

Nora En Pure is pretty damn close to infallible. She knows just exactly what to do when it comes to deep house. Charged with emotions, she works up a poetic song that makes great use of string samples. It becomes an epic love story, and it’s the type of love story that ends in the best wedding ever. Try not to smile with this song, it’s a hug to the heart. Close your eyes, and you’ll only see a bright future and the warmest colors. Nora En Pure is the exact artist you should put on when you are having a bad day, so take a moment, breathe deep and let this tune make things better.

Beyoncé - Mine (Machinedrum RMX)

Wait, wait, wait, what? Beyoncé and Machinedrum? Did you read that title correctly. Yes, you did, oh yeah it’s true. Machinedrum of jungle acclaim takes on Beyoncé of well, Beyoncé fame! With a touch of jungle and plenty of d’n’b Machinedrum takes the song in a direction only he could take it. It is a wonderful journey, a fusion of two worlds you though were galactically separated. I was extremely surprised and very excited when I stumbled on this one, so sit back and let the wonderful craziness in the mere concept alone of this tremix turn into absolute brilliance as Machinedrum brings it to life.

Synymata - Turning Away

Prepare for a vivid, vibrant work. Synymata has made a slowly cinematic song that is infused with enticing emotions. With a soft intro that brings to mind comparisons to Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack or an Aphex Twin piano focused work, it is a song that engages your senses and embraces those deep feels. It is a graceful and colorful song that reminds me of a jungle sunrise, as the creatures and plants wake and come to life. I particularly like the subtle raindrops which add a realism that is just delicious. This is perfect post-dubstep. It’s small house in a big room with an on point echoing trajectory.

Chet Faker - I’m Into You (Monkeyneck Remix)

Fans of dance music with a touch of the romance, REJOICE! Monkeyneck takes that sultry, sexy voice of Australian conqueror Chet Faker and turns the danceability WAY UP! Chet Faker’s vocal power remains poignant, not losing any power in the remix, and overall the deep house rework blends a piano and higher energy elements to take the tune in a bold new direction. Your body relates, and overall it resonates, and you can feel yourself working out Chet Faker’s plight. You just have to dance it out with this song, and that’s frequently the best course of action in my opinion.

Q-Tier - Anything Other (Kiwi Remix)

A major young player of the Blasé Boys Club, Kiwi is an absolute beast. His remix of Qtier’s ‘Anything Other’ is strategically subtle as it builds. There is a downtempo essence about this song, I would wager even Massive Attack would be proud. It has an urban feel, bolstered by a calmed industrial humming that is remarkable. This is a remix that you will catch yourself moving to as the solid bobbing groove is undeniable and you just can’t escape it.

Parc En Ciel - RomCom

Not a normal song, it is a vibrant one that has as much personality as you or me. It’s on a journey and every element appears to be speaking to the rest to manifest into a wild conversation or adventure. The retro flourishes are put to great use in a contemporary manner paving the way to a very unique future. My attention is now fixed upon Parc En Ciel, if this is the first song I’ve encountered, I am curious what more is in store. This is the perfect adaptation of a RomCom, you’ll truly think you are listening to the best 80’s romcom soundtrack ever, I mean, should it be called ‘When Electronic Met Dance Music’? Is that the glorious lovestory being translated into song? Sure it’s a stretch, but doesn’t stretching always feel great! -

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