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The FreshLIST 030: New Electronic Music You’ve Never Heard [YouTube]

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Magnetic Magazine's FreshLIST has been sourced from the digital ether and curated into a weekly video series for your listening pleasure. With the FreshLIST, you’ll find the five latest highlights uploaded to our YouTube channel: the selection is diverse, the quality is high, and the music is certified fresh.

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Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords (Craig Williams Remix)

It’s that certain remix that brings two of your favorites together, and it’s the song that sticks with you, that is the latest fresh selection with Craig Williams’ remix of Claude VonStroke’s ‘Vocal Chords’. Craig has techno skills, and they are been honed to master status. I could go on and on about how much of a fan I am of this song, but I just want to sprint to the nearest underground techno party and experience it absolutely crushing a party! Craig Williams, you are absolutely doing it right!

N’to – Bonjour

Well, hello N’to! I’m not sure if you can call this tropical house, or just deep house with a damn great usage of a steel drum. N’to creates a deep work that has great adventure at its heart, all set in the scene of a vacation in the tropics. Leo DiCaprio’s character in the beach would have absolutely loved this one, if he were real of course and not a character in a great movie. N’to achieves a deepness that you just have to let work its magic, I am pretty damn certain you are going to love this absolute one of a kind musical something.

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Kraak & Smaak – The Future Is Yours (Ambassadeurs Remix)

Get ready to sway! The Ambassadeurs take Kraak & Smaak to an interestingly chill and almost trip-hoppy place, but still keeping a high energy quality. It’s romantic and just perfectly chill, all the while remaining engaging and intriguing. Too many things going on, you just have to trust me that this right here is a fresh selection you’ll absolutely love!

Scissors - Yeah Yeah

A big tune can only be big if it’s got attitude. It needs a bit of that classic punk rock in your face ethos, just a little bit of insanity to get things jumping. This is some big room goodness that is massive, with a touch of sophistication. It pounds, it thumps, it is going to shake things up and that british female vocal has some serious attitude that you just want to party hard to!

The White Shadow – Destination

I love a good song with a sinister edge. There is always a story when it inches towards darker sentiments and deeper chords. We’re always scared of the characters that linger in the shadows, but we’re always interested. Demonstrating a solid strength in knowing just enough what to do and not overburdening it with too many elements, White Shadow has a cool work here that is smokey and mysterious.

Reflex – Fallin’ (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)

Prepare to party! Nu-Disco & Indie Dance lovers, this is a fresh selection aimed right at your sensibilities! An absolute groover and the type of song you would offend if you didn’t start dancing to. I am a big fan of the suble synthwork, it’s the type of synths that have a delightful maturity about them. I also really enjoy the sparse usage of the female singer, as it really hits that much stronger, rather than an overused effect.

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