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Get To Know Magnetic Magazine: Hannah Deupree Music Editor (Trance And Hardstyle Editor)

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Get To Know Magnetic Magazine: Hannah Deupree Music Editor (Trance And Hardstyle Editor)

Name: Hannah DeuPree
Title: Trance & Hardstyle Editor

How did you discover electronic dance music?
I was raised on groovy house vinyl thanks to a badass mom with phenomenally good taste in music… My independent road to electronic music started sometime in 2001, somewhere on the outskirts of San Diego in an abandoned airplane hangar. I can’t tell you who was playing, at the time it was probably no one who later became somebody; that night I sold my soul to music – I got lost in the beats, the energy and the lights… I have yet to find myself.

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What are your favorite genres and why?
I think at every major turning point in my life a different genre has spoken to me and created this proverbial moment of “ah-ha-ness” which has deepened my appreciation for it. House, Trance, Rocktronica, Hardstyle, Electro – they’ve all impacted me one way or another and for that I refuse to have a ‘favorite.’ I really love crossover genres though. Like when a good hip hop lyric marries a deep house vibe or when a foreign A Capella vocal resonates within a hard dance track… orchestra and rocktronica, opera and trance… THAT’S when music becomes sexy.

How did you come to write for Magnetic Magazine?
Hmm. I had been reading the material for about a year and saw that the site was covering way more than just the standard EDM shows, gossip, and reposts that all of the other EDM blogs were doing – Magnetic was about something much bigger, the culture in its entirety. Around the same time I was losing my creative edge at my day job in the summer of 2013 I saw a post requesting some new writers and the rest has been history! I can’t make music, but I can write about it!!

Best Magnetic Magazine Memory of 2014 (interview, festival, etc.)
Oh man… so many good things happened with Magnetic this year. I think my cross country account to Mysteryland USA in May tops everything. We drove from San Diego, CA to Bethel Woods, NY in 4 days – met amazing people, partied our asses off, created a ton of memories, took zero pictures and had one of the greatest festival experiences of the year. Beyond that, bringing some awareness to the level of drug use in the music industry and how to bring about harm reduction instead of abstinence was a pretty awesome opportunity.

If you could have one goal in 2015, what would it be (Interview Hardwell, Marry Maya Jane Coles, Shave Steve Aoki’s head etc)?
I want to see the Festival Footprint make its mark this year – if you can’t be responsible for “carry in, carry out” you should keep your messy ass home. Leave no trace!!! It’s not hard!! Oh, and also I’d like to see the DJ Mag Top 100 just NOT do their thing this year… And cultural appropriation, it just needs to die. On a positive note, I’d like to see some dope crossovers – DJ’s trying out some new sounds and challenging boundaries to pull out of the mainstream rut a little bit.

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