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iRig Brings Elusive Pro Audio To iPhone During CES

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iRig Brings Elusive Pro Audio to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

That iPhone video sounds awesome! Said no one ever. But a new device is being shown off at CES which changes all that. iRig Mic Field, from IK Multimedia, allows you to get professional sound from your iOS video or sound recordings.

While video quality has been increasing pretty rapidly on mobile devices, the audio has long been lagging behind. Those of you who have been shooting videos on the move know how poor the audio can be. Often it's best just to put the video to a montage with audio in post production. But now you have a legit second option.

iRig captures stereo sound and rotates to either the portrait or landscape orientation so the sound is captured correctly no matter how you want to frame your shots. And when you're done you just disconnect it and throw it in your pocket.

iRig Brings Elusive Pro Audio to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
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It also impresses on a technical scale. While most iOS components are pretty bare bones, iRig allows a lot of customizable options so you can make sure your recordings sound clear and deep. It features a "thumbwheel gain control, an audio-out jack for quality real-time headphone monitoring and a multi-color LED input level indicator for quick visual monitoring."

For the audiophiles, the audio is captured with "two high-quality cardioid electret condenser capsules, 24-bit audiophile-grade A/D converter (with 44.1/48kHz sample rate), 115 dB maximum SPL rating and built in low-noise, high-definition preamp."

The iRig Mic Field will work with GarageBand and iMovie apps, and iOS Voice Memo and Camera. Additionally, the iRig Recorder app will be updated to allow for immediate recording, edits and shares. You can buy it now for $99.99. You can see iRig in action in the video below and by following IK Multimedia.

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