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Jack U Remix From Alesia Obliterates All Beauty

Jack U Remix From Alesia Obliterates All Beauty

This Jack U remix spares nothing. French duo Alesia have just created what is perhaps the most peculiar and interesting track in some time. Not only because it's the complete opposite of the mainstream, but because of what it does to the original.

Kiesza put her heart and soul into the original vocals, and you won't believe how Alesia spins them. This is hard, cold nihilism at it's finest. You can forget glowing bracelets and neon clothing, no light is escaping this remix. It's highly abrasive, unique and completely destructive all at once.

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Alesia's post-modern black & white industrialism is one of the more exciting things growling under the mainstream right now. It makes deep house sound commercial and you can forget about PLUR. The duo released their highly impressive EP Andrea on OWSLA last year and have been perfecting their dark tech craft for some time with remixes of Dog Blood, deadmau5 and more.

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