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Kaskade Gets Personal On His Return To The Wynn

Kaskade Gets Personal On His Return To The Wynn


Uncredited photo from Kaskade's Facebook page

In an impassioned Tumblr post, Kaskade has revealed some details on his past, his pride, and his thoughts on the future of EDM.

The post was published on the news that the artist will be bringing back Summer Lovin’ to The Wynn Las Vegas at Encore Beach Club this year. To him though, it’s much more than that. And it should be to us as well.

In his post, Kaskade parallels his humble uprising with that of EDM, detailing and sharing photos of the combined construction from an unlikely place at the time - Las Vegas. But despite people telling him to give up, the Wynn gave him a chance and agreed to give him a seasonal residency in 2009.

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"Very few people believed that the United States would ever have the gravity to pull or sustain an Electronic Music crowd. And Vegas certainly could never be a destination for things other than conventions or middle-aged crisis escapees. They were wrong."

It’s a weird thing to think about. There was a time when EDM was the underdog, the opener that nobody showed up for, just waiting to show the US what it could do. Kaskade saw this in the culture then, and more importantly still holds that kind of optimism now. An optimism that’s hard to find in most editorials these days.

"I am savoring this moment knowing it isn’t over. We’re still writing. This is the year we make history…again."

His personal Tumblr note has us believing that when Kaskade returns to The Wynn this year, he’s going to bring some real passion with him. This is something the culture desperately needs.

A lot of people, including us, have published editorials about the end of EDM in some manner or another but Kaskade has us thinking differently. Maybe we’ve been too quick to judge sometimes. Maybe we were wrong.

Check out the full article written by Kaskade on Tumblr and see the literal construction of EDM.

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