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Kaskade Signs With Warner Bros To Get 'Music Heard'

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Kaskade Signs With Warner Bros To Get 'Music Heard'

Kaskade just signed a two-album deal with Warner Bros according to Billboard, and he's set to release a ton of new music. The only question is, what will  it sound like?

Kaskade spoke with Billboard and shared the same concerns we all have in our favorite artists signing with major labels. "I was always cautious to make the move from independent to major. I feel like the majors have such an agenda with the EDM artists they're signing. […] It seems formulaic. It was important to me that my voice not be lost…”

So why then would he do such a thing and sign to Warner Bros? The reason, he says, is that “I just need help getting my music heard.”

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In case you (or he) need any help believing that, Billboard was right there to remind everyone that he’s “never had a radio hit”. Grammy nominations, yes. Radio hit... Well, while this might technically be true, we would only hope artists aren’t judging themselves by this criteria. But Kaskade makes sure to point this out as well. “I'm not focused on a single and Warner isn't either. I'm drafting the story of the next record, and Warner is up for the challenge of getting it out there even if it doesn't have Beyonce as a featured artist.”

You could spin this signing either way. Either Kaskade’s music deserves to be heard by more people, or he’s just jumping on the bandwagon. But consider this, it’s not as if he’s been waiting for a big label to come along. He was already on Ultra, and sooner or later he was going to sign with someone else. If that someone can expand his reach and allow him creative freedom, we support that. It does sound as if Warner Bros. are giving him a lot of breathing room too. While you might not buy it, keep in mind that Kaskade has stayed pretty true to himself for over a decade now, and Warner Bros. may as well feed off his creativity.

"When I met Cameron Strang and shared my vision with him, I felt like, okay, this guy gets it. It's not like he's some dance music aficionado, but he understood how to build an artist and that was what was important to me. He's not trying to put me in a box or make me his pet producer.”

Think of it this way, Kaskade was already a major artist… now he just has more resources. You can read the full interview on

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