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Laidback Luke Beatport Controversy Getting Comical

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Laidback Luke Beatport Controversy Getting Comical


Even Laidback Luke noted Mixmash "is getting crazy!" on a Facebook post before the controversy began.

Laidback Luke had the #1 track on Beatport with "S.A.X."... or did he? Beatport has pulled the track off the chart for Mixmash Records scamming the system, but Beatport might actually be wrong. Let the Laidback Luke Beatport controversy (really a Mixmash Records controversy) begin...

According to numerous reports, Beatport removed the track (or uncharted it and slapped it with a new ID) this week after they became aware of suspicious marketing practices from Mixmash Records. Mixmash obviously is downplaying the whole thing, telling DJ Mag it’s a misunderstanding of sorts.

The issue arose over the record label offering “money back” to consumers who purchased the track. Beatport’s issue is that this creates a free download of sorts, giving the track an advantage and cites their terms and conditions. We got our hands on those terms and conditions and here’s what they say:

"For the purpose of creating Beatport Charts and other marketing data, Beatport reserves the right to correct or ignore any sales data it suspects are a result of suspicious sales behavior intended to, in Beatport’s sole discretion, inflate actual sales.”

Interestingly, Mixmash’s intent really isn't in question. In fact, it's hilariously stated in plain site.

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Laidback Luke Beatport Controversy Getting Comical

They followed it up with the worst "look surprised!" fake of all time.

Laidback Luke Beatport Controversy Getting Comical

Blatent (and hilarious) as it may be, Beatport’s policy seems to only reflect artificially increasing “sales." So the old semantics play may be a winning one. Mixmash was quick to point this out in their quote to DJ Mag:

"...we frankly don't believe that people would be swayed to purchase a record they weren't planning on buying anyway.”

Right or wrong, we would hope that these charts reflected popular opinion on the actual music, not the marketing strategies surrounding them. Technically legit or not, attempting to inflate your chart position with promises of refunds is pretty bogus (if that was intent). That said, unless we're missing something, Beatport probably needs to adopt stronger chart regulations.

Laidback Luke didn't really involve himself in the matter but did say to DJ Mag that he hopes this promotes some discussion. We can agree to that.

Original report via DJ Mag.

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