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LA's Hidden DJ BBQ - The Broiler Room

LA's Hidden DJ BBQ - The Broiler Room

Several DJs along with industry friends and fans gathered at an unlikely place the other week - A BYOBBQ in the backyard of a dewy house. They called it The Broiler Room - a nod to the famous live streams put on by, of course, The Boiler Room. It included one Bixel Boy, Mija, SNBRN, Hotel Garuda, Henry Krinkle, and supposedly one cat.

You didn't need an RSVP link, or to hit up everyone and their siblings in the industry to get in. All you needed to do was bring some grub and promise to respect the cat.

I arrived extremely on time, which I will never learn is extremely too early. But sometimes it's fun to watch everything and everyone come together. We got to know one another and instead of setting up some big light show, we lit up a grill (which had to be walked two blocks because it would not fit in a car). Soon after, the place was filled.

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The main stage was in the garage. DJ after DJ took us through their library and made me forget what was actually happening - we were partying in someone’s garage. It felt almost like a high school or college house party (sans frat bros and crying girls), and there were those homely welcoming feels (though plenty still wore black). There was also a line to the bathroom, so there were plenty of friends to make while waiting.

Everyone just wanted to be there for the music, for the food, to celebrate with one another, and not pay hand-over-fist for adult beverages. It was an event stripped down to the essence of electronic culture without any big production shoving it’s way through the fun.

There was one, and only one, disappointment. We never found that cat.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting an invite to the next Broiler Room, but until then you can check out some of the pictures from the shindig below (if you spot the cat, let us know).

All photos by Ben de Ayora for Magnetic Magazine

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