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Update: Kygo Agency Changes Underway

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Update:Kygo agency changes are underway. Your EDM is reporting that they have heard from Kygo's manager Myles Sheer, and that he's already resigned after a report surfaced from LessThan3 that he'd been dropped by previous agency AM Only.

Kygo will be joining with the William Morris Endeavor agency [...] with the likes of Calvin Harris, Zedd, Deadmau5 and company, Kygo will be joining some of the top DJ’s worldwide.

Original report

LessThan3 has learned that tropical house superstar Kygo has been dropped by booking company AM Only as a result of differences with his manager, Myles Shear. Read more: Breaking: Kygo Dropped From Booking Agency AM Only, Differences With Manager Cited

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This is all pretty interesting given that the Norwegian artist has been getting a significant amount of attention lately. He's playing at some big festivals including Coachella and Ultra this year, just released a new track "Firestone", and was interviewed by Billboard just last month. The whole trop house thing is, well, kind of thing right now too.

In the interview, Billboard pointed out that Firestone is Kygo's first original release proceeding an upcoming album. "Firestone" was released on Sony Music Entertainment International / Ultra Records in December.

It's unknown what exactly was behind the change or if he was actually "dropped". It's also unclear what, if any impact this will have on the artist. An undated bio for Kygo still posted on the AM Only website reads:

"Kygo is a climbing young talent with a repertoire of new music he is ready to present to the world over the next few months."

Change can be a great thing, but let's hope at least that part stays the same.

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