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Live Nation Labs Lost In A Shuffle, Changes Abound

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Live Nation Labs Lost In A Shuffle, Changes Abound

Change is coming to Live Nation Labs, as reported by Billboard.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells Billboard [Live Nation Labs executives] Garland and Kaplan exited Live Nation sometime in December -- the pair's contracts were up, and were not renewed.

Part of the controversy seems to surround the addition of BigChampagne.

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Live Nation Labs was launched in late 2011 following the acquisition of media measurement start-up BigChampagne, co-founded by Garland ... the source tells Billboard that Big Champagne's purchase price was $12 million, not the $30 million reported elsewhere.

Live Nation Labs eventually acquired the music aggregate Boomrat as well. Billboard reported this past summer from a source that the acquisition "put the deal in the seven-figure range, with another seven figures pledged for investment." It's unclear if Boomrat's move was prompted by troubled waters, or if acquisition spending played a role in these Live Nation Labs moves.

So what does this mean for you? Well, Boomrat announced in November that it had found a new home at Insomniac. Some might think this spells death for the site, but Boomrat released a statement much to the contrary.

It's hard to tell what the impacts will be from this shuffle, but perhaps one's loss is another's gain.

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