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M.I.A. Trashes New Diplo Documentary That You Must See

M.I.A. Trashes New Diplo Documentary That You Must See


M.I.A. and Diplo. Cropped screen from Diplo - "F10RIDA" (Documentary) directed and edited by Torres Korlofsky.

A short Diplo documentary appeared on Pitchfork this week. The only thing more interesting than the documentary itself were people's reactions. Namely, Diplo's former girlfriend and collaborator, M.I.A., as Billboard pointed out.

The "Paper Planes" co-star appears in a few short clips with Diplo which seems rather innocuous and good-spirited. But then this reaction...

M.I.A. Trashes New Diplo Documentary That You Must See

Not sure how much saving he needed. That "Paper Planes" beat was pretty sick. And he's pretty much the biggest name in music right now. Aside from M.I.A., several YouTube viewers also appear to be having a hard time with the unusual Diplo documentary. "This is fucking terrible." "Did I miss something?" "Did m night shyamalan direct it?"... ... (see orange Diplo video still above for my reaction)

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Here's the thing... this is why it's awesome. Usually documentaries just tell you something. This one actually takes you into the mind of a music icon. A music icon who didn't sell out. So yeah, it's weird in there. It's weird these days when you don't sell out. People just don't know how to handle it.

The documentary is pieced together much like Diplo's style. "Former music mongrel" (according to his own Twitter handle it seems) Will Ashon describes the first "rock demo" Diplo sent in a response to Ashon seeking some kind of avant-garde dance music. That's exactly what this is. There's a clip in there from "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas" and if you've seen the film, that's pretty much what you can expect. Classic stuff.

Diplo has been doing his own thing... apparently forever. He's not like anyone else really, and that's why it's great. That's why it's weird. That's why he's Diplo. You get to see the uninhibited creation of a genuine artist turned superstar -  the old fashioned way. Diplo DNA.

The documentary was directed and edited by Torres Korlofsky. Diplo and System D-128 get producer credits. It arrives shortly after the re-release of his first album "F10RIDA", something else I highly advise that you check out. The only question is, are you on his level?

Note: The featured documentary is NSFW.

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