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Madeon Reveals New Album Featuring Passion Pit

Madeon Reveals New Album Featuring Passion Pit

Madeon has just revealed a few surprises regarding his upcoming album Adventure. He will sing on the album and it will feature a heavy indie influence.

The album will be released March 31st and will feature Passion Pit, Bastille, Foster The People and Aquilo amongst a few others. The announcement comes alongside a Gramatik remix of the album's second single "You're On" featuring Kyan. The first single from the album was "Imperium."

Madeon has always had a funky and upbeat tone which should allow for seamless production on tracks featuring indie artists. "You're On" continues this trend with praise from Billboard and The Guardian. "Imperium" on the other hand, is a far more aggressive track and one that's been featured on FIFA.

There is no doubt that Madeon is fitting into the mainstream, but don't make the mistake of thinking he'll sound the same. He's just continuing to explore and push new boundaries.

“With Adventure, I wanted to capture the feeling and sensibility of my teenage years. I wanted the album to start very vibrant and pop and end with a more contemplative tone. [...] In making the record I both collaborated in the studio with some of my favourite musicians, and wrote and performed vocals on songs myself, two things I hadn't really done before with my own music.”

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Pre-ordering the deluxe album will get you instant downloads of five songs, including current single “You’re On,” “Imperium,” “Finale,” ”Icarus,” and “The City.” Check out the tracklist to the album below and be sure to listen to the new Gramatik remix to "You're On."

Adventure Tracklist *Denotes Deluxe Version
1. Isometric
2. You’re On (feat. Kyan)
3. OK
4. La Lune (feat. Dan Smith from BASTILLE)
5. Pay No Mind (feat. PASSION PIT)
6. Beings
7. Imperium
8. Zephyr
9. Nonsense (feat. Mark Foster)
10. Innocence (feat. Aquilo)
11. Pixel Empire
12. Home
13. Icarus*
14. Finale (feat. Nicholas Petricca)*
15. The City*
16. Cut The Kid*
17. Technicolor*
18. Only Way Out (feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic)*

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