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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Ardency

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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Ardency

Prepare for the feels! The latest Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast from Ardency is filled to the brim with them deep feels!

This duo from San Diego have put together a mix that is refined and deep. There are bold selections and it moves at a beautiful pace. A new favorite, but certain to be a long time favorite, Ardency is moving on a path of their own design. It's clear they know good music and they know how to make it.

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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Ardency by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

They are true to the essence of ardency - burning, glowing, enthusiastic and passionate about all things sounding amazing! Now, let's get on with it. I advise you sit back, relax, and let Ardency take you to some dance appropriate place that is the definition of romantic and heartfelt.

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