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Magnetic's City Dispatch Series - Global Music, Local Flavor

Magnetic's City Dispatch Series - Global Music, Local Flavor

Beyond Facebook, beyond Twitter, beyond the entire internet... Magnetic is venturing out into the world. In this fine year 2015, we have launched our City Dispatch series where our passionate correspondents from around the world will be immersing themselves in their local scenes and reporting back their in depth discoveries on all things electronic music.

From Beirut to Miami to Paris and back again, our correspondents will be your eyes and ears on the ground. They will be regularly informing on what you need to know about these lush locales covering everything from what venues you need to go to, what new regional talent to watch, and the beautiful diverse cultures in general.

Now, please allow me introduce Magnetic's City Dispatch correspondents!

Beirut, Lebanon

Catherine Moutran 
Born in the 80s in Thessaloniki, Greece. Lebanese/Greek/Irish. Coming to you from Beirut, Lebanon. Currently working at Lets Play Records, a production, artist development and management community rooted in the streets of Hamra. All about promoting the incredible talent coming out of the Middle East and the many, many beautiful stories that need to be told. Studied in London. Worked in London. Love London. 3 years at a Music and Fashion PR firm in West London and a MSC in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial College, Business School.


Dallas, USA 


Adnan Mirza
I am 24 years old. Born in Austin, Texas. Grew up for the most part in the Dallas area. I lived in Pakistan from the time I was 2 years old until I turned about 6, and have lived in Plano, Texas since then. I got into dance music at a very young age. I have been blessed to be around this beautiful scene since I moved here from Pakistan at the age of 6 years old. The reason I got into this music at such an early age is because my oldest brother, Omair Mirza, is a music producer and DJ. When I was 6 he was 14 years old and was getting into just spinning records at the time. All I would hear is dance music growing up, and I fell in love with it since day one. As I got older and as my brothers career grew as a DJ and producer. I grew more fascinated by the business aspect of it. By the time I was 16 I had seen amazing DJ's such as Armin, Tiesto, Sasha, John Digweed and numerous others. I started to think what goes behind a show and how everything is put together. It was about 2009 and the EDM swing was in full motion. Everyone in the nation had now heard of 'EDM' and knew someone who listened to it. I could not be any happier.

Los Angeles, USA

Sarah-Epperson_avatar_1421276209-150x150 (1)

Sarah Epperson
Born and raised in LA. Caught the bug at HARD Haunted 2009 (an event that our friends parents made her older sister take us to because we were far too young, and a lineup that still makes me weep). Spent many years devouring the music blogs downloading everything I could get my hands on, and spending all of my money on event tickets. At 19 I got an internship at a ticketing company which turned into a job. At 22 I am currently focusing on finishing up school (where I study Advertising and Design) awaiting the next adventure and spending all of my money on going to events. I also really love dinosaurs.

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Mexico City, Mexico 

The Electroclassic
The Electroclassic, a Mexican guy, kinda ordinary in the way he interacts with real people, trying to be a personality over the internet. Born in Mexico City as Ángel Javier Esquivel Robles, on march 27 ’97, he loves tech and music, a Mac with Logic and a MIDI Keyboard are his biggest dreams. Lover of EDM, specifically Electro and Progressive House: Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Daft Punk, Avicii, deadmau5 and ZEDD are his inspiration for making music and buying music.

Angel-Javier-Esquivel_avatar_1421271816-150x150 (1)

Miami, USA


Justin Shamlou
Raised on a steady staple of Dance Music compilations, I discovered House and Techno through the likes of Armand Van Helden and Carl Cox as a toddler. As a teenager in the SF/Bay Area, I discovered the world of raves and clubs and my passion for the music grew exponentially. Now, I live in Miami and run the Underground Dance Music blog I will focus on reporting the happenings of the Miami Club Scene for the world to get a little look into our slice of heaven.

Montréal, Canada

Dermot-OSullivan_avatar_1421271194-150x150 (1)

Dermot O'Sullivan
A Montréal-based Irishman with a passion for unearthing new talent and a taste for live music. He is a general music lover, he appreciates everything from hip-hop to experimental techno. He treats tracks on their own individual basis. He is a recent transplant to Montréal only been in Montreal, he will be sharing many of my cultural experiences with the readers as they occur. From his short timethere, however, it is clear that Montréal is a city brimming with art, culture and music. It has numerous brands and events such a Mutek, La Bacchanale and Piknic Electronik, which are constantly trying to break down barriers and share art and music in new and interesting ways. He is founder of Dublin’s When We Dip and House and Techno curator at

Paris, France


Antoine Latrille
Hi, I’m Antoine, a 21 year old IT engineer. I’ve been in electronic music since 2009 and started djing in 2011. From this moment, I interested myself in different styles. From minimal to dubstep and hardstyle, going through techno and electro house, I find my pleasure in what can make me dance. I’m a big fan of rock’n roll and other types too, and I love songs that can mix both ones to create something new. Always interested in discovering new things, I’ll be going to and writing on every event possible.

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