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Martin Garrix Reveals The Secrets To His Success

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Martin Garrix Reveals Ghostwriting Secrets On BBC


Photo from Martin Garrix's Facebook page.

You probably know more about Martin Garrix than you think, even if you're a super fan (or a super hater).

Yes, Garrix is one of the most iconic and well paid DJs in the world - at 18-years-old. But this isn't the most astonishing part. In this new interview with BBC 1, he drops some secrets that reveal much more than meets the eye (and ear).

A household name now, he reveals how going uncredited has had a large impact on his success, and he hints that this is still happening on a major level. It's also revealed that he shares a US manager with a controversial pop music celebrity, and talks Tiesto's words of wisdom (hint: it involves "trance").

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You really won't know what to think after this interview. Especially if you think his rise to stardom was some simple, lucky task. Just wait until you hear the host try and rattle off all the deets of how Garrix got to this point (#4 on the DJ Mag Top 100 btw).

It's easy to talk about what we know Garrix has done. You can hear our own Dee Sanae discuss this in the interview along with Steve Aoki and Julian Jordan. But it's hard to comprehend his actual impact until you hear it from him.

Listen to the interview here before it's taken down

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