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How HoloLense Will Affect EDM

HoloLens & EDM: A real collaboration?

You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?

Actually, don't answer that question... As a producer, it’s hard for me to look at something like this and not geek out a little… The video was inspiring, but I found myself replacing the cute dancing aliens with 64-band equalizers, limiters, faders, stacks of compressors and mastering suites. The potential for HoloLens to be the next staple for producers and DJs alike is huge.

Last year we saw the Oculus Rift take on Ableton’s interface, and while it wasn’t exactly the most fluid experience in history, it was a step in the right direction. Now, Microsoft takes the reins towards a (not so) tangible virtual reality, and we can’t wait to see what people start cooking up with it.

HoloLens promises an app interface much like your mobile device: user-developed, and limited only by the mind itself. Imagine what YOU could do with something like that!

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Collaboration is a big focus for HoloLens, as the promo video portrays a father helping his son with his motorcycle and a daughter with her sink. While my “aww” senses are just off the charts, I want to see some action! From the moment I began producing, I dreamt of a program that would allow real-time composition with someone anywhere on the Earth. It’s been done with countless video games and Office 365, so why not a DAW? The time might be upon us. Composing with a friend would be cool, but what about DJing with one? What if a set was played entirely at your fingertips, with your B2B right next to you doing the same thing?

Unlike some other projects, HoloLens doesn’t require a beta invitation, your soul, or a massive IndieGoGo donation to get your hands on. While we’ll have to wait to put these suckers on, you can rest easy knowing that Microsoft’s going to have these on retail in no time, no strings attached.

Check out the official video below!

Bottom Line: If you’re not excited for this thing, you should probably put your phone down and go outside. As we inch closer to the days of “Minority Report” (hell, even that thing had a screen!), we tend to lose ourselves. Go outside and breathe in the good stuff… at least until this bugger comes out, then screw it.

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