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Moog Recreating Modular Synth, EDM Too?

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Moog Brings Back Modular Synth, Real Music Too?

From something so old comes something very new. And perhaps the re-beginning of a modern trend. Moog is bringing back the 1973 modular synth exactly to spec.

To showcase the a hint of the power behind the equipment, Moog brought in artists like Holy Ghost!, LCD Soundsystem's Gavin Russom and others to perform live, undubbed patches on the the classic machine. Check out the video below to hear the results.

These systems have been used by greats like Brian Eno and Giorgio Moroder and several others in the past, but offer immense creative potential for the future. Giorgio Moroder is making a historic comeback and contemporary producer Jacques Green (who's collaborated with Jimmy Edgar, The XX and more) went as far as speculated on the nightlife potential in the video. "Can you imagine the low end on this thing in a club?" he says before laughing in amazement.

Moog is specifically recreating the System 55, the System 35 and the Model 15. All will be handcrafted using the exact same methods and materials from 1973 - hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components - and with currently unheard of photo-etched aluminum front panels.

In many ways, the recreations represent the opposite of current electronic culture. A culture Grammy Award Winning producer Malcom Cecil calls in the video fixated on "instant gratification." A culture we've allowed to become so reproduced and homogenized we've even abbreviated it into 3 letters - EDM.

It's hard to imagine our fast-paced world taking the time to delve into the creative abyss that is the modular synthesizer, but it might at least spark something new. Check out the video to hear, feel, and experience the difference. Is Moog brining back the human connection in music?

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Synths are available to purchase in extremely limited quantities if you can afford them. There will be 55 units of the System 55, priced at $35,000 per instrument; 35 of units of the System 35, priced at $22,000 per instrument; and 150 units of the Model 15, priced at $10,000 per instrument.

Alongside these Moog Modular Systems will be the Sequencer Complement B Expansion Cabinet, a dual 960 Sequential Controller, an accompaniment to the System 35 and System 55, that has been out of production for over 30 years– as well as an optional 5-Octave duo phonic keyboard.

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