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Mysterious Daft Punk Remix From Sharkoffs [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Mysterious Daft Punk Remix From Sharkoffs [FREE DOWNLOAD]

If Daft Punk needed an edge, this is it. The duo is notorious for hiding behind helmets, but the mysterious Sharkoffs is the one shrouding their classic in the shadows. This d&b Daft Punk remix is a major tune.

Sharkoffs "Around The World" remix sounds like a totally different track. The hardly intelligible vocals are generations beyond the bubbly robotic betas. The original sounds more fitting for a merry-go-round after this trip around the world. Sharkoffs does manage to keep an uplifting melody alive throughout the track, but there’s now a heavy complexity behind it.

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Sharkoffs is listed only as an “anonymous DJ/Producer”, and an atypical one at that. Aside from this Daft Punk gem and some originals, he’s remixed Linkin Park to Phoenix to Tim Burton. A harsh d&b sound with Shaymalan-twists, Sharkoff is developing a sound all his own. On a Facebook post he described how he fits into the culture (or doesn’t):

I'm glad that there are people in this world who are still able to appreciate something different that goes against the general tide of the industry.

Download his Daft Punk remix for free via Soundcloud.

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