(NAMM 2015) KORG Releases New KAOSS For Serato DJ

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Bear Witness To The KORG Comeback With The New KAOSS DJ controller... Deets Below

KORG's come a long way from their roots. They entered the industry as one of the most technically advanced and expensive products available, rivaling the likes of Moog for market share. Thankfully, KORG's begun to offer more affordable and less technical devices without losing the gear head community. The DJ industry has become infinitely more complicated than it was 20 years ago, yet is ten times more accessible, and we see a landmark of that progress with the KAOSS DJ unit.

Built for Serato DJ (equipped with Serato DJ Intro), the KAOSS controller has a lot to offer, especially for the entry-level DJ. It comes with two unique circular touch-sensitive platters, as well as touch control for your loops, hot cues and FX. Transport controls, sync and library scrolling/loading are provided on the controller next to your standard 3-band EQ, headphone level, headphone balance, channel gain and master level controls. What I found most interesting about the unit is that the LED level meters are located on the sides... what? The response in the video seemed pretty spot-on, but I'm skeptical, as they don't seem to be nearly as bright or responsive as say, the S8.

If you're familiar with the KAOSSilator, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find one in the middle of this unit. On either side of it are fully customizable circle pads that will scrub, slip, and automate sounds with the same ease as the KAOSSilator centerpiece. Dope!

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Features include:

- 120 sound FX
- Scale key (NICE!)
- BPM FX Match
- Standard hardware inputs
- USB bus power
- 5 Faders (2 FX, 2 Mix, 1 Crossfade)
- Standard button set (shift, play, cue, sync)
- Standard knobbage (3-band EQ, master, balance)
- 2 Touch-sensitive loop stations

If you're new to the scene, the KAOSS DJ is perfect for you, If you're experienced, this unit acts as a two channel mixer, but also as an FX workstation, which gives you full reign over the KAOSSilator's distortion and FX for any incoming signal (iPhone, laptop, CD player). If you're a professional, the KAOSS DJ is the first of its kind, so no matter how experienced you are, you've never seen anything like this before!

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