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New BeatHawk Production Software Announced - $5

New BeatHawk Production Software Announced - $5

Five dollars gets you a lot these days, a kid-size chocolate milk at Starbucks, a bean or two at Chipotle... but now it can get you a full spectrum of studio instruments on your iPad. This is UVI's BeatHawk.

New BeatHawk Production Software Announced - $5
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"BeatHawk was designed from the ground-up to provide an immediate and efficient workflow optimized for portable use while providing studio-grade sounds, instruments and effects thanks to the industry-proven UVI Engine™ at its core"

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We've seen a big increase this year in the use of portable production tools, and UVI just added to the collection with BeatHawk. The software is designed to give you a full range of studio-grade tools upon start-up. If you've been hesitant to jump on the digital band-wagon, now's the perfect time, as the BeatHawk software is only $5 on the App Store! Check their website for more info.

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