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New Brenmar Track Singles Out 'EDM Festivals'

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New Brenmar Track Brings Hip Hop To EDM

It's that hula hoop rap game. A staple at electronic music festivals for quite some time, the hula hoop is getting a bit of a reimagining with this new Brenmar track.

The Chicago-born producer just released a new track called "Hula Hoop" which is kind of like his breaking-into-the-electronic-music-world without actually producing electronic music.

At first you might not think you're hearing hip hop, but just wait. What you thought were progressing synth are soon revealed to be blown-out, blaring trumpets. Then the beat falls back and Jersey club-queen UNiiQU3 reminds us where we are, and it's not some flowery field at a festival. Brenmar gave The Fader the insight behind the track:

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"I was thinking about EDM festivals where you'd see people—girls, primarily, but not exclusively—hula hooping, all the time. It just occurred to me, why hasn't anyone made a song in reference to that? I stumbled upon a video of this girl hula hooping—Remy LaCroix, she's a pornstar but she's also amazing-talented at Cirque du Soleil-type shit—and watching her dance with the hula hoop kinda brought it all home."

We're sure Brenmar can bring the hula hoop into the club, but he's bound to be a little out of place at a festival. Even so, we're not complaining. The track is a great, flashy party tune at the very least. "Hula Hoop" is the second track off his debut Fool's Gold EP Award, out January 20th.

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