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New Drum & Bass Chart – 1.17.15

New Drum & Bass Chart – 1.17.15

We are halfway through the first month of the year already so the resolutions, the check lists and the reality checks are all in full swing by now. I’ve been desperately hitting the gym like every other drone in London for the last two weeks but ashamedly, have not set foot in a rave since pre-Christmas. Disgusting form - believe me, I know. Looks like my choices below tend to reflect the restlessness brought about by this ill decision-making as I all but chew on the door frames of my house with pent up energy. Long story short, someone might as well benefit from my self-induced stint of ADD. So while I pick the splinters out of my teeth (and moonily pin my release from exile on Hospitality at Building Six in February!!), please enjoy the spread of filthy, fast paced distractions laid on delicately below…

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The Prodigy

Off the back of a new album and a new tour announcement, The Prodigy are back with their special brand of not so new, old school heavy. This track is bound to go big and it would be irresponsible of me to even think about leaving it out!

"Make the Floor Burn (VIP)"
Hospital Records

Just that touch more hectic and pacemaker pumping than the original - if you’re finding it too brisk to head outside, I suggest clearing a space and having a wee nut out to the below VIP. But put a tarp down, or you’ll ignite that floor in no time, mate.

"Lef Dem (Enei Remix)"
Enei, Sam Binga feat. Redders
Critical Music

Russian born, Enei’s real name is Alexey Egorchenkov. So, Enei it is! His name might be a mouthful but it’s worth learning as there’s a lot of traction and big name support behind this dark horse. Busting in at #4 on the Beatport char, out of seemingly nowhere. See, dark horse.

"How Could You"
Viper Recordings

Get yo neck bob on to this beaut. Slightly less violent than the rest of the line-up today and representing strongly for the liquid side of life. Nice little melody and all… how could you not?   (I did have to go there- I’m hungover and I’m sorry.)

Serial Killaz

Late Christmas present for me, this track! It feels like I've just unearthed a choice little gift that had fallen down behind the back of the tree. Basically my round about way of admitting that it was released in December. Whoops. Give me a slap on the hand and let's leave it there.

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"The Calling"
Rene LaVice ft. Ivy Mairi
RAM Records

Weird start? Maybe interesting start is a better summary…that vocal all begins to make sense once the drum and bass arrives at the party though.

Shogun Audio

Dunno who Ben is, but boy done good. I’ve been sitting on this one for two weeks now – and by sitting, I mean the opposite – wriggling around like I caught a rash on holiday more like! It’s sick. Just while I’m on Shogun, there’s a new mini-doco out here if you have a spare ten.

"What You Had (Lenzman Remix)"
Artificial Intelligence ft. Steo

Artificial Intelligence is carving up Beatport this month with three tracks from the duo's new 5 track EP Forgotten Truths boasting top 20 placement. I'm going to chart this Lenzman remix, but strongly suggest you check out 'Thundercloud' as well - because I'm greedy and indecisive like that.

"Until The World Ends"
Black Sun Empire & State of Mind
Blackout Music NL

Did you really expect anything but epidemic-grade sickness from the title holders of best d&b album of the year and Black Sun Empire? Built at break neck speed and absolutely going for it. Epic tune.

"Palm Of Your Hand (Ownglow Remix)"
Speed Limits & Jaco Ft. Joni Fatora
Viper Recordings

Plushhhh vocal from Joni Fatora here - that, combo’d with a smooth d&b backdrop and we have ourselves a nice touch of liquid. A mellow note to end on. Take a rest, you’ve earnt it

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