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New Drum & Bass Chart – 1.24.15

New Drum & Bass Chart – 1.24.15

As I fluttered to work this week – and by fluttered, I do mean stomped, cracking pavement ice beneath my flimsy girl shoes, fingers gnarled into arthritic frozen claws – I was struck by the powerful and uplifting qualities of drum and bass. I’m generally a fairly grumpy sack in the morning. I admit it, I’m awful. But the moment I jam some dnb in those eardrums, take a spin on some Hospital podcast... all of a sudden the world no longer renders me so irrationally irate. Festival season and that sunshine is but a twinkle away (I may be taking a little artistic license here) but thank god. In the meantime, that music doesn’t stop for a single season. More good news today - the tracks below are now all going up on Soundcloud playlists. Thus taking some of the faff away from your day! All you need to do is press play, listen loud and get less grumpy (or more happy, mind frame dependant).
Hang in team, we will all be sweating on strangers in a thudding bass tent in no time!! Whatever gets you through the day....

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"Flim Flam"
RAM Records

London boy Frankee gets it done here! Beginning with a bad boy robot intro, this track builds into a grimey push and pull number that will shove you around and eventually lead you over the cliff.

"The Promise Ring"
June Miller
RAM Records

The June Miller lads are just my bit. They're all over the show, they're different and they can do no wrong at the minute. Beatport agrees - I agree - they're brilliant. Smash the repeat.

"How Could You"
Viper Recordings

Tunes like this are the reason behind Maduk’s "Best Newcomer Producer" title at the D&B Arena Awards last year. He’s just heaps too good at this.

"Anthem (Cyantific remix)"
Brookes Brothers feat. Camille
Viper Recordings

I’m not actually a massive fan of the original Brookes Brothers release and therefore have been resisting its inclusion in the chart so  far. However, Cyantific’s had a go at it below and has turned my opinion on its snobby little head. Helps that it's been given the thumbs up by Friction too, featured a while back as his ‘Remix of the Week’ on his BBC Radio 1 show.

"So Freakin Tight (S.P.Y Remix)"
Tough Love

I don’t even need to explain the reasoning behind this one – it’s all laid out in the title to be fair. S.P.Y is officially one of my favourite things about drum and bass, sprinkling a great eff off sack of fairy dust over every tune he touches.

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Sigma ft. Labrinth

I am a sucker for Sigma – can’t help it – and based on their general chart success so is the rest of the world. It’s one worldwide affliction that I am happy to live with. Gunning for their third #1 here…

"My Love (Keeno Remix)"

‘The lastest drum & bass wonderkid to come from the Hospital Records stable" - that’s Keeno (and I've used a quote so you don't think it's just me wanking on about him again!). He’s done it again with this cracker of a mix.

T & Sugah
Liquicity Records

We’re all chasing that sunrise - "Higher" seems to be the word of the week. Dutch duo T & Sugah are definitely on board, so get ready for this Liquicity tune to be rolled out at the raves, over and over…

"Tek Nuh Chat"
Sam Binga feat. Redders
Critical Music

A nicely funked up junglist jam from Critical here. The tunes on the EP, Nuh Chat, are pretty wicked and I would recommend.

"Can’t Speak"
Stealth, Metrik & Netsky

Beautiful , rolling, uplifting – three words synonymous with Netsky and the release label here, Ultra. Pretty sure Netsky did a number on London superclub Fabric last night – presales sold out and the queue would have strung around the block.

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