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New Drum & Bass Chart – 1.31.15


Yes, drum and bass can make you sexy apparently (or an action star with a range of semi-successful fitness equipment at the very least). Drum and bass can also make you hyper, deliriously happy, over the top pumped, or charged up to the point of throwing furniture. Drum and bass is a lot of things, usually all rolled into one – quite regularly within the same tune. I’ve often struggled to define the elements of each song in order to make sense of it all…but after many misspent hours watching torturous drum snare tutorials and wondering what difference a key makes – I have decided that the simplest (and best!) way to enjoy and rate drum and bass boils down to how it makes you feel. Inside. Inside your soul. Yes, we're going that deep down. I firmly believe d&b is how hard lads and ladies get in touch with their emotions and I for one, am all for that. Time to embark on a bit of an emotional journey below – chairs and tissues at the ready!

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Shogun Audio

God, this is the most beautiful. About ready to chuck in the rest of the chart and just go be with this…

Noel, Traffic and Eastcolors
Demand Records

"Like the steam on your breath…Dreams, yes I’ll take you under…" There’s a rhythm to this tune that takes the vocal overlay by the hand and pulls it deep down into the mud. Undoubtedly murky and dripping with good.

"My Mind is Modular"
Neosignal Recordings

Batten down the hatches and hold onto your bedframes pals, Phace is pissed off and he’s going in! Proper sick!

"Foot Soldiers"
Shogun Audio

Some serious rumbling goodness here from the Austrian quartet made up of Ludwig, Lukas, Dominik and Nik. The name Ludwig already gathers my vote but it also helps that this tune quickly transcends into grimacey, good time hurt. Loving it!

"Spring Heel Jack"
Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Technique Recordings

This may be in celebration of 15 years of Technique Recordings but judging by the legs on this track, there's room for a few more birthday candles on the cake! Drumsound and Bassline are unsurprisingly smashing it for Technique here - oof!

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"The Puppeteer"
Drs feat. Jubei

Dark and dirty – that’s how these two do! The lyrics Drs is spitting over this really succeed in pushing it next level.

"Blacker VIP"
D*Minds and Stirkez
D Style Recordings Ltd

Bringing the curtains down on the dark mood of this week’s chart are the artists formerly known as Distorted Minds from Bristol with a growler from their own label. Loving the MC'ing on the tracks this week.

"What Will It Take"
T & Sugah
Liquicity Records

Thought I better calm it down a bit – before you peg me as a complete raging psychopath. Deferring to the soothing influence of T & Sugah and Liquicity Records here…

"Nasty (Spor Remix)"
The Prodigy

I know we covered ‘Nasty’ at the kickoff of 2015 – but that was before Spor dealt to it. How he made it harder, I do not know. This remix is kind of like if Liam Howlett and Spor faced off at opposite sides of the room, bent at the hip and just kind of pelted it towards one another; headfirst and bellowing furiously. Bloody brilliance.

Northern Zone
Limitless Recordings

Northern Zone is the German producer that took away the crown in S.P.Y and Hospital Records remix competition at the beginning of the year. High accolades indeed! Makes sense to follow a victory like that up with a sweet little EP! Like the bipolar bassline here….

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