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New Excision & Pegboard Nerds - Bring the Madness

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New Excision & Pegboard Nerds - Bring the Madness

Excision and Pegboard Nerds released a blockbuster collaboration this week - Bring the Madness. The cover art features a dinosaur which is pretty fitting, because if you've seen Jurassic Park (and we really hope you have) you'll know the feeling behind the track quite well.

The song actually has a pretty cinematic intro which, like the movie, helps build the suspense. In the movie, Jeff Goldblum remarks, "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs..." We all know (hopefully) what happens from there. We may have reached this point with the release of "Bring the Madness."

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The track is relatively manageable at first, but by the second drop it's everyone for themselves. It follows Pegboard Nerds' pop culture capsule "Who the F*ck Is Paul McCartney?!" and precedes Excision's new album due February 3rd.  You can pick up "Bring the Madness" on iTunes and listen below.

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