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New Hardwell Track Is 'F*cking Sally'

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New Hardwell Track Is 'F*cking Sally'


Photo from Hardwell's Facebook page

You've heard of Molly... but do you know Sally? It's unclear who wrote the track, but this much is clear - someone is fucking her. The songs words, not ours. "She's a dirty, bitch" apparently too.

The new Hardwell track certainly makes a statement. Not sure how much to read in between the lines here but the vocals are pretty clear. They're placed up front to make as big an impact as possible. The shock factor is honestly a pretty cheap tactic. Otherwise the track is some electro, a bit pop, and strangely a lot "Scotty Doesn't Know".

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"Sally" is the new Hardwell track from his upcoming album United Are We. He's been busy releasing a lot of tunes off the album in the past couple weeks. They've all been heavy electro stompers, but with the exception of "Eclipse", they all drift into the clubby area... A very commercialized club area... That area you pay a lot for and then watch everyone else on the dance floor have a good time while you wonder what you paid for kind of area.

You can download "Sally" now ahead of Hardwell's United Are We album release January 23rd.

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