New Steve Aoki Single Is Massive - I Love It When You Cry


New Steve Aoki Single Is Massive - I Love It When You Cry

While everyone was gorging over the cake news (including us), Steve Aoki was preparing to drop his massive festival track, I Love It When You Cry.

When something like this happens, it reminds us that a big tune is a big tune - no matter who drops it. Even if the biggest Steve Aoki news of late has been his not-really stop to caking, or his DJing capabilities, it doesn't minimize the impact of something like this.

"I Love It When You Cry" is a massive track. The vocal hook is drawn out considerably and feels like Moxie is grasping at the last rays on a warm summer day. The stuttering drop is like the wild party that follows. The riff at the beginning initially sounds played-out, but the song tracks a bit differently from there. Bottom line: cakes will be thrown no matter where you are.

The cover art mentions "Moxoki" which makes us wonder if there's more in the mix from this destructive duo. Time and tours will tell. "I Love It When You Cry" is the first single off Aoki's Neon Future II album coming this spring. The release comes just before his Neon Future Experience Tour kicks off with Headhunterz and Caked Up. Additionally, he's giving away Neon Future I on Google Play as the "Album of the Week" for a limited time starting today.

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