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New Ultra Resistance Lineup Fights Reputation

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New Ultra Resistance Lineup Fights Reputation

Ultra isn't exactly known for having a rumbling underground system, but these latest lineup additions might change that. They're inviting you to "join the resistance."

The Ultra Resistance, as it's called, appears to be a somewhat separate element to the Ultra Music Festival. The name alone seems to be directed at the cultural tone of the moment in which people have been swimming against the current to find fresher material.

It's all presented in a very sleek and shadowy packaging and includes heavy laquering of techno with some deep house hybrids.

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This news follows the release of the phase one lineup which is a much more colorful, eye popping collective. It's hard to say you're resisting the mainstream by attending Ultra, but at least you can immerse yourself in a little of the underground while you're there. Full lineup below.

RESISTANCE: It's the urge to go against the grain, to step out of the box, to move away from the norm and challenge yourself to experience something new-- to break down boundaries and barriers and abandon your comfort zone-- to be able to open your eyes and ears to an undiscovered realm of electronic music. - Ultra

New Ultra Resistance Lineup Fights Reputation

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