New A-Trak Music Video Goes Nude, Bares Tigers

New A-Trak Music Video Goes Nude, Bares Tigers


Screenshot from the official "Push" music video. Directed by Ramon Alaya.

There are starving people all over the world, but there are all sorts of extravagance in the new A-Trak music video. Tigers, nudity and phenomenal hair make up the video for “Push”. It’s a modern day, extra dimensional take on versailles.

The hair comes courtesy of ATL producer TM88 (808 Mafia) and the video is directed by Ramon Alaya. The song itself is a more glamorous sound for A-Trak with it’s staccato’d pianos and and pop-vocals from Andrew Wyatt. The single received remixes from The Chainsmokers, DallasK, Cazzette, GANZ, Shash’U and PeaceTreaty this past fall.

TheFader was first to post the video and added this note from A-Trak: "...The last thing I wanted was one of those sparkler bottle 'lets make this night live forever!' videos." Thank you, A-Trak!

A-Trak just dropped a mix on Diplo & Friends and if you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out his video for “Tuna Melt”. Not only does it showcase the artists change in style on "Push", but it’s an extreme and spectacular play on the old domino effect.

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