Panda Bear Interview & Performance Take You On A Trip


Panda Bear Interview & Performance Take You On A Trip

If you've heard Panda Bear before, you know he's in a place of his own. But how did he get there? This newly released material from the Red Bull Music Academy details his artistic progression into electronic (counter)culture.

In the interview, the Animal Collective soloist discusses his journey directly, but through a changing sea of music. He sounds dissconnected with modern music at times, noting that he used to make "what we now call beats", but he's really just that far ahead. The whole interview is conducted through a sea of music and is a performance itself in a way, aside from the live show.

Through the live show, you can hear some material from his new album Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper in raw form. The performance includes "Boys Latin", the lead single from his new album, well before it was released and provides an example of the kind of thing you can expect at the academy this fall in Paris.

Both the interview and performance showcase his master ability to tell stories though the creation of thick atmosphere. The only thing that's missing here are the visuals which you can easily add by going to the website for the new album - It's the next best thing to actually seeing him live on tour starting this March.

Panda Bear has been the more electric component of Animal Collective since 1999. He carries the same kind of musical mystique, but with heavier synthetic vibrations. His latest album, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, was released on January 12th. You can listen to the interview and performance below.

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