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Pioneer Announces The NEW XDJ-RX Complete Controller

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Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better! ...

After the original Pioneer XDJ 1000's landed at the number one spot in our Year In Review, they've gone and done it again with the new XDJ-RX Controller. The XDJ 1000 was definitely breaking the bank with a hefty price tag for a single deck... so they added a second one, put a mixer in-between them and voila! You now have what looks to be the best rig in the business. They've moved a couple of things around, but have kept the exact layout of the 1000s for the gear heads.

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Features include:

- One large full-color LCD Screen (to replace the smaller ones on the 1000s)
- Familiar layout with pro-DJ features (quantize, beat sync, slip mode)
- On-board mixer for high quality sound and LED effects (can be used as a standalone mixer)
- Driven by rekordbox USB or rekordbox app, so no need for a laptop or CDs
- can be used as an assignable MIDI controller and supports MIDI-compatible software.
- Check out the XDJ deck features here.

Unfortunately, the XDJ-RX hasn't brought much to the table as far as innovations go, but such is the industry. Theres' now a mixer between two of these bad boys, which is enough for me. Retailing at $1800, the XDJ-RX is only one standard price deviation from the likes of the S8, but promises to be the primier controller available. Check their debut video below!

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