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Premiere: Lia Ices "Higher (Samuel Proffitt Remix)" - Free Download

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Premiere: Lia Ices "Higher (Samuel Proffitt Remix)"

An already unique track, Samuel Proffitt puts his signature on Lia Ices "Higher". The original was a clash of past and present combining minimalist tones with indie rock guitars. It almost sounded futuristic at times which would make sense given that Ices produced the track with her brother Eliot who she calls a psychic.

Proffitt has a much more subdued and casual approach. He keeps the track calm and cool. The outbreak of rock that occurs in the original is removed and result is something still original, yet completely calming for the soul.

Lia Ices has previously mentioned going on "a private journey" with her brother to find a musical identity. "We abandoned old habits and familiar sounds" she said, and added, "we live in the future but stay bound to the primitive and primordial." Both Lia Ices and Samuel Proffitt are making music that has a deep, lasting impact. Having them together here is certainly something special.

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Check out the premiere below and catch Lia Ices on tour.

Premiere: Lia Ices "Higher (Samuel Proffitt Remix)" - Free Download

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