Premiere: Roisto's 'Apart in Love' EP



Premiere: Roisto's 'Apart in Love' EP

In the deep, dark forests of northern Finland there dwells a character in a studio of old analog synths, tape machines and disco records galore. Now, you might think I am describing a monstrous troll, but you are dead wrong! The character I speak of is Roisto, and he is a man committed to his definitive brand of disco. Right here, right now, Magnetic Magazine is blessed to premiere Roisto's 'Apart in Love' EP released by Scandinavian label Youth Control.

In Finnish, Roisto means villain. There is a touch of sinister in his productions, so the name is apt (take a listen to 'Call the Sky' and you will hear it). Yet, more than a villainous nature, Roisto is a disco powerhouse. On his first release, he flexes his disco muscles, and god damn are they toned and strong! It is an EP that is emotionally charged, vast in scale, and laden with a beautiful groove. Roisto delivers on this EP with a little bit of the best of everything from a shimmering title track, bright synths in 'I'm Who You Need' to the haunting modular piece 'Call the Sky'.

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