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Pretty Lights Unveils Limited Fashion Line #AnalogAesthetic

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First he transcended genres, and now he's transcending artistic mediums. Pretty Lights has a history of breaking boundaries and now he's interweaving those soulful samples with some some exclusive street style.

The #AnalogAesthetic gear is simple, sporty and modern with a sample of that motown-era soul that's shown through on much of his work. The collection is expansive but stays true to his roots, representing Colorado throughout the line. That said, this gear will keep you warm and trendy wherever you are.

Pretty Lights described his work on his A Color Map of the Sun album as “This time, I was going to create my own original sources, retaining the timbre that spans the great musical era of the last century – from modern classical and jazz, to ‘60s soul and beyond.” He's pretty much taken that feel and applied it directly to this collection which he's helped design.

The seven piece capsule collection is available only through the Virgin Mega app. The collection starts rolling out Thursday, January 22nd at 2pm EST/12pm MST but you'll want to download the Virgin Mega app on iTunes or Google Play and get in the virtual line before then - this collection is limited. Additional drops are on Monday, January 26th and Wednesday, January 28th.

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You'll have to pay for the clothes... something that is worth saying since much of his material is free. His latest EP The Hidden Shades was released last year and can be picked up for free or donation on Soundcloud along with his previous album A Color Map of the Sun. Get in line for the limited #AnalogAesthetic clothing line by downloading the Virgin Mega app on iTunes or Google Play.

Pretty Lights Unveils Limited Fashion Line #AnalogAesthetic


Photo by Krystle Blackburn

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