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RL Grime Drops Heartwrenching & Hopeful New Video

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RL Grime & UNICEF Drop New Video For A Cause

Through all the trivial tabloid stories, like who's dating whom and who is angry at whom, a video like this puts things in perspective.

RL Grime is known for some raucous music, but he teams up with UNICEF here for a much bigger cause - bringing attention to the critical world issue that is child marriage. The video mixes the emotional RL Grime track "Always" with the dreary realities of this issue, especially in places like Chad, Africa.

While these realities are certainly depressing, the video also makes a point of showing the optimistic side of what could be, if we begin to take action. Not only does the video bring mainstream attention to this issue, it also aims to be an important part of the African Union Summit in Addis Abbaba on January 30th. This is just one video in the UNICEF #ENDChildMarriageNOW campaign pairing powerful music with epidemic issues affecting children.

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EDM has grown so large that it's become a focal point of cynicism and often criticized as being fake, but it's also grown so large that it has the power to draw attention to issues that are "very real."

"Before UNICEF approached me for the video, I was unaware of this epidemic of child marriage that is plaguing Chad and other places globally. So when they came to me with the opportunity I was happy to be involved and help shed light on a very real world topic, and in the end hopefully bring new awareness to this difficult issue." - RL Grime

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