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Simon Cowell Bringing The 'Ultimate DJ' To Reality

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Simon Cowell Bringing The 'Ultimate DJ' To Reality


The new face of electronic music?

EDM has reached the level of Simon Cowell. The guy known for sending careers soaring, dreams shattering, and revenue flowing. It's now being reported that he, Yahoo! and SFX are finally launching a show based on their "Ultimate DJ" idea.

According to people briefed on Yahoo's plans, the show will mix pre-recorded and live segments and is expected to air weekly once it premieres on Yahoo Screen. It's unclear whether Yahoo will ask people to vote for their favorite DJs through Tumblr, though the people speculated that would be the case. - Ad Age

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The original story appeared on Ad Age in what almost sounds like a joke. The advertising publication of course focuses on how the show will sell(out), and then quotes a media VP who said this:

"If Simon Cowell is behind it, you have to think this will be something that's going to be an advertiser-friendly environment."

The media VP's name is Brian Adgate. We're serious. And... we've had enough.

The irony is that the show might actually expose the posers while bringing guys and gals into the spotlight who are actually talented. That said, there are few examples of superstar artists made from these shows. And it remains to be seen how, or if, the show will actually judge talent. If history is any indication, they'll be some sort of legends on to judge. One thing is for sure - all this attention is sure to bring in more snobbery and more money to an already massive bubble that is well past its threshold.

Original story via Ad Age

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