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Skrillex Added To Eye-Popping Sonar 2015 Festival

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Skrillex Added To Eye-popping Sonar 2015 Festival

The Sonar Barcelona just announced an inebriating smackering of major talent joining the festival. If there was one festival that proved electronic music was more than EDM, this might be it.

Skrillex will be there, but the great thing about this festival is that it explores all the nooks and crannies of the culture, and to their deepest levels and does so with style.

The festival will feature the latest techno, experimental electronica and that high-fashion avant-garde. Additionally, the festival reaches out to the indie and beat ranges by adding artists like Hot Chip and Cashmere Cat. Oh, and Duran Duran is playing which is notable in and of itself.

Plenty for the ear no doubt, but there will be some sights to see as well. Die Antwoord is adding “an extreme visual element” according to the press release, The Chemical Brothers are premiering a new album, and Flying Lotus will present a 3D show.

The festival prides itself on creative arts and emerging trends. You can go to any festival and hear major artists perform, but seeing the range here with this level of technological marvel is pretty much unprecedented.

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Sonar 2015 Barcelona will take place June 18th, 19th and 20th of this year. Check out the video below and head to their website for more info. We can't say enough about this festival so we'll just stop here.

Lineup Sónar Barcelona 2015 from Sónar on Vimeo.

Skrillex Added To Eye-popping Sonar 2015 Festival

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