Skrillex Documentary On SuperJam Explains A Lot

Skrillex SuperJam Documentary Explains A Lot


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Hate on Skrillex all you want, but know you're going up against some of the greatest music legends of all time. A new Skrillex documentary captures the artist's influence on music through the eyes of some very well respected music icons.

The doc just premiered via AT&T and shows footage leading up to his SuperJam performance at Bonnaroo. describes SuperJam as "a special set during Bonnaroo’s 4 day musical adventure, where artists from different genres join forces for a historic and memorable performance."

In the documentary, you get to see legendary artists come together to create the latest experience. Skrillex put together the "SuperJam band" featuring Big Gigantic, Thundercat, and Incubus with The Doors, the Grateful Dead, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Damian Marley, Zedd, A$AP Ferg, Warpaint, Mystical, Craig Robinson and more in the mix.

"Skrillex is creating another hybrid," notes Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart. "This is the reason why music will never die."

The video below is part of a 7-video series which can be viewed on It's an interesting look at EDM from behind the eyes of more traditional and legendary artists, and gives some insight into Skrillex's musical background and explanatory motto.

"My dad always said, 'If you wanna grow, bite off more than you can chew and swallow that shit.'"

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