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Sound Nightclub Is Bringing The Next Wave Of Fresh Artists To LA

The Next Wave Of Fresh Artists Hits Sound LA

On January 29th, Sound Nightclub is previewing the future of electronic music. The wild event is being put on by InDeep Events and URL2IRL, who are teaming up with Next Wave Records and Prep School to showcase rising producers like Hotel Garuda, SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, and Matt Dimona.

So far we're getting hints of long nights on the beach, excessive amounts of tacos and pizza, and highly addicting house music that will ignite instant euphoria wherever it gets played out. That's basically what the last few months have felt like in Los Angeles. These young locals have dropped last minute sets at house parties, garages, random pop ups and brunches, simultaneously blowing up the Hype Machine charts and spreading like wildfire across the internet.

As the BBQ and beer flows throughout whatever Southern California location they show up at, blogs and fans across the world are losing their minds over each fresh remix or original track being dropped. That is the concept behind URL2IRL, and is helping spawn artists that are successfully building their dedicated followings both online and with a personal touch.

Keeping up with tradition, we've been told there will be some secret meetup held before the event involving either pizza or tacos, or most likely both. There is still a great debate raging over which one is better, but there's one thing that no one can argue about: this event is not something you want to miss.

Tickets are currently on sale, so pick those up quick and then do your research on the artists being showcased. Beyond these four, fans will also be treated to unforgettable sets from Rambo V and The Interns.


We've been fortunate enough to catch SNBRN play multiple times these past few months, and he always delivers. Weaving together G-House, rap, indie, and disco vibes, the burgeoning producer is constantly ready to ignite a dance floor with an unlimited supply of sublime tracks that will have the entire audience singing along. Speaking of Sublime, don't be surprised if he drops some of that too.

Dr. Fresch

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Known for a bouncy and hip-hop influenced-sound he calls "Future Ghetto," fellow Los Angeles resident Dr. Fresch has become synonymous for delivering medicating beats that will instantly heal any sickness you may have. Bump some recent remixes of Gucci Mane, Big Boi, and Nelly Furtado, and you will quickly understand what we mean.

Hotel Garuda

Consisting of Manila Killa and Candle Weather, this LA and D.C.-based duo has been making serious waves together since joining forces just over a year ago. So far we've seen Hotel Garuda focus primarily on remixes, injecting fresh life into tracks from Lana Del Rey, Kanye West, and Banks while piecing together a poignant and dance-worthy approach to house music.

Matt Dimona

Matt Dimona is all about a highly vibrant sound he likes to call "Feel Good House," gearing his attention towards soaring vocals and giving them fresh meaning with alluring instrumentations. He takes those songs that you might be afraid to love from vocalists like Nikyee Heaton, Katy Perry, and Fergie, works his magic on them, and turns them from "guilty pleasure" into your new favorite jam.

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