Steve Aoki Talks With Stan Lee About The Future


Steve Aoki Talks Apocalypse With Stan Lee

Steve Aoki is getting deep. He sits down with comic book legend Stan Lee to discuss "apocolyptic scenarios where people come to save the day", when press-play DJs accidentally hit the wrong button and launch a nuke attack that can only be stopped by furious mixing from the likes of deadmau5 and Bunki through modular synths. (Aoki didn't actually go quite that deep. That part was all us.)

Stan Lee may be old but the video shows he's still got a sense of humor and some explosive predictions. For instance, how someone might come along one day and deploy some nuclear tune and then "poof", United We Die. (Ok, that part's us again).

While we like to call out Aoki now and then for going all-out entertainer, we have to say the video doesn't exactly catch him in the best light. However, Aoki does mention always dreaming of being in superhero scenarios as a kid, and we'd have to admit he has actually has become larger than life. So there's something to that, like it or not.

Through all of his future predictions, we have to wonder though, did he ever see cake throwing becoming such a big part of music?

The interview is part of a future-focused series Aoki is doing to promote his upcoming album Neon Future II featuring his new single with Moxie. This is the second video of the series with the first featuring inventor and Google engineer Ray Kurzwell. You can keep up with the series on Wired.

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