Stream Above & Beyond's New Album In Full - 'We Are All We Need'


Stream Above & Beyond's New Album In Full - 'We Are All We Need'

"We Are All We Need" is perhaps the trio's must beautiful album to date. We've already had a listen, and can tell you to clear your schedule for the next hour. The stream is something to experience.

The album is thick atmosphere that stays light and euphoric throughout, never dampening any euphoria. The album never seems to wander far from it's state of wonderment. Even when it gets funky or slows down, it stays suspended in the clouds. It's all very theatrical with each song setting the scene for the next, and at times, it seems as if you're listening to a masterpiece film score. This all goes along with their recent release of a narrative 4K video for All Over The World.

"We Are All We Need" is Above & Beyond's third studio album. It is available to stream in full now on iTunes ahead of it's January 20th release date. The stream, thankfully, doesn't allow you to jump around. Instead, you'll be completely enveloped by the album - something your soul will thank you for later. Just wait until you get to "Little Something" with Justine Suissa, or "Save Me" with Zoë Johnston, perhaps two of the most touching tracks on the album.

We'll save the rest of our comments for a later day, but treat yourself and listen now. You can also see the album performed during Above & Beyond's upcoming album tour.

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