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Above & Beyond Doc Reveals New Album Details

Stunning Above & Beyond Doc Reveals New Album Details


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Prepare yourself for some real feels. This brand new Above & Beyond doc is a gorgeous 10-minute ride with some deep insight. They sit behind piano's, not computers. They write on napkins, not notes apps. And most of all, they never shout, because "nobody really listens when you're shouting."

The documentary is technically the backstory to their new album We Are All We Need, but it's also an intimate look at the trio's artistic talent. Above & Beyond reveal that Paavo wrote the music for one track for his dad's funeral. Paavo also reveals which vocalist on the album he considers a "motherly figure." All around they seem to share an apathy for modern trends. They're able to stay highly popular by virtue of something else far more consistent - a human connection.

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"In this sort of dance music world of today, I feel there's this sort of fight for who can be the loudest - who can make the most noise-  and this tension. And all the while, the real power is in something really small and elegant."

You can watch the entire documentary below. The album comes out Tuesday but you can listen to it in full now on iTunes. And don't miss their new 4K music video.

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