Tomorrowland Trademark Issue With Disney Film


Tomorrowland Trademark Issue With Disney Film

When you think of Tomorrowland, you probably think of the electronic music festival in Belgium. You might also think of that David Guetta incident. However, Disney is releasing a new George Clooney film under the same title which may cause a Tomorrowland trademark issue, forcing the film to rebrand in certain countries.

Disney has long owned the rights to the name in the United States. This is why the festival had to be rebranded when it hit Atlanta last year. The same is not the case in some countries overseas, however. Dancing Astronaut and reported the story from The Belfast Telegraph who quoted trademark attorney Sharon Daboul:

"Disney has a trademark registration in the USA for the term Tomorrowland, dating back to 1970. With this registration, it was successfully able to prevent the music festival from calling itself Tomorrowland when it launched in the USA. However, the music festival has the rights to the term in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and has prevented Disney from using the name in these countries."

So as of now, the movie may have to be rebranded for it's release in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. We would imagine that a deal could easily be struck however, as Daboul pointed out to the Belfast Telegraph:

"Rebranding is a costly and inconvenient exercise, and there may be a commercial resolution to this conflict whereby both parties agree to co-exist with each other. Is there room for a Tomorrowland Disney film and a Tomorrowland music festival to exist together in the same market? This is a question for the parties to consider."

The film is set to open May 22nd. Registration for the Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium begins... coincidentally... tomorrow (January 9th) at 4 p.m. CET (7 a.m. PST).

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