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Top 10 EDM Things We Hope Go Away (And Stay) in 2015

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Top 10 EDM Things We Hope Go Away (And Stay) in 2015

Here are the Top 10 EDM Things we hope go away and stay in this beautiful new year...

Top 10 Things Hope Go Away

1. DJs / Producers Wearing Masks: Ok, this is officially really, really fucking tired. It’s been done: Daft Punk, Bloody Beetroots, etc. If you are going to wear a mask, just go the whole nine and dress up as fucking Big Bird or Mickey Mouse.

2. DJs Biting Other DJs: If you are a producer and really want people to respect you and well, keep a fan base for longer than 8 months, be fucking original and stop copying the hits. If you bite other people's sounds then everyone eventually figures out that you are lame.

3. Ghost Producers: If you can’t make your music or contribute to it in any meaningful fashion aside from slapping your name on it, you really should quit because you are just part of the Milli Vanilli syndrome that is killing dance music.

4. DJs That Aren’t Really DJs Calling Themselves DJs: Yeah, everyone’s on to you.

5. DJs Standing on Top of the DJ Booth Doing the "Jesus Saves" Pose: Please note that you are a DJ - not a god, major political or religious figure. It’s particularly insulting when you aren’t even mixing your songs together.

6. Bands Doing DJ Sets On iPads: It’s all good, we know you aren’t DJs, but really … iPads... Either learn to DJ correctly or stop ripping off your fans.

7. Festivals with the Name Electronic or Electric in Front of It: We are completely booked, thank you. Just because you have a stage and 6 DJs booked does not make you a festival either. Stop it.

8. Bandwagon Celebrities: We are not naming names, but just because your manager told you this is the cool new thing, you should NOT become a fucking DJ.

9. The term Big Room: What does this even fucking mean?

10. Light Show Envy: Hi DJs. If we like your music we will probably come out and see you. You don’t need to build the LED Deathstar… all good. Here is a neat idea, why don’t you hire a Video Jockey to mix the video stuff while you actually mix the music, it would be great to hear an original set that you decide on “in the moment’ that fits the vibe instead of your pre-planned set.

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Top 10 Things We Want To Stay

1. This Deep House Trend: Ok, just to clarify, we know that this is not what is truly considered DEEP House (aka Jazzy, Soulful, Disco, Funk Vibes such as Masters At Work, Frankie Knuckles, Marques Wyatt, etc.) but whatever you want to call this new techy, groovy, housey, minimal kind of stuff… we LOVE it.

2. DJs Playing Vinyl: Yeah we know it’s antiquated but it’s fucking cool. Just like film is for photography.

3. BPM Festival: Could you please franchise this?

4. More People from Berlin Coming to the USA: We appreciate and value your input, music, art direction, etc. Thank you.

5. More Drug Awareness and Education: Keep educating and you will see less overdoses. It does work.

6. Super Dark Nightclubs Playing Techno/Tech House/House/Minimal: Not enough of you guys.

7. The Magnetic Mag vs. DJ Mag Remix: Yeah, we are bringing that one back.

8. More Electronic Music like Downtempo, Chillout, Experimental: It doesn’t all have to be dance music.

9. More Output locations: Please, pretty please… seriously consider this.

10. The Magnetic Ping Pong & Techno Invitational: Just wait, it’s coming…

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