Top Future Bass Tracks Chart - 1.26.15


2015 has been a great year for future bass so far, and this week’s top future bass tracks definitely show it. Give yourself a much needed boost this Monday with new music from some of future bass’s finest.

Top Future Bass Tracks Chart - 1.26.15

1. "Handful Of Gold (Chrome Sparks Remix)" - Chela
Chrome Sparks lays down a massive beat and pop remix for Chela’s “Handful of Gold."

2. "7th Sense" - TroyBoi
TroyBoi’s latest banger sounds like Mr.Carmack on acid, wild beat madness.

3. "Party Girls (Ganz and Mr. Carmack Remix)" - Cashmere Cat
Cashmere Cat’s beat gets reworked by two of future bass’s finest.

4. "Yep" - Bleep Bloop
If robots could talk, they’d sound like this.

5. "6 God (Shash’U Remix)" - Drake
Probably the best remix of 6 God yet. Shash’U gets down with some heavy funk on this one.

6. "Doing It (A.G. Cook Remix)" - Charli XCX
PC Music boss man warps Charli XCX’s track into the standard cutester style associated with his label.

7. "Toro" - KRNE
KRNE earned himself a spot on this week’s top future bass tracks with this ambient, electronic ballad.

8. "Broken Record (Andru Remix)" - SoySauce
Andru is channeling some heavy Massive Attack vibes on his latest remix.

9. "I Bought My Girlfriend Omega Ruby For 3DS And She Called Me an Otaku" - Mura Masa & Yung Bae
Mura Masa and Yung Bae tag teamed this track combining Yung Bae’s funky fresh disco vibes with Mura Masa’s more downtempo beat-laden musings. Gotta love that track title.

10. "Mahou Shouju" - NEET
Missy Elliot gets a Kawaii Club rework from the enigmatic NEET. Check out this guy’s twitch channel, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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