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Hey, you did it. Just one more sleep and then that beautiful thing called the weekend is there! Any big plans for those that have Monday off? Me, well I've always got plans, and you can be assured they all revolve around a little thing I like to call dancing. Now, with all that in mind, this week's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco chart is chock full of variety, because hey, isn't that the spice of life? Also, I decided to get eclectic to help inspire you or score your lovely adventures this weekend. So, prepare for feels, prepare for fun, this is the chart that's going to help you get it done. Whatever it may be. Onward and upward!

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10. Les Sins - Talk About, Company Record Label

Whoops! Completely forgot to chart this one many months ago! But, I'm real excited as I've experienced a Les Sins set before, and just this week Noise Pop added him to their lineup for the SF festival. So, why not celebrate with a 3 month throwback? Les Sins = Toro y Moi, now get excited if you didn't know that fun side project fact.

9. Isle of Indigo - Paycheck

Well, Disclosure recommends it, so you think I'm just going to not listen to it and love it? I mean, I considered it and made my own choice, but if those boys know anything about anything, it's music. So, I'll let this be a little mysterious, that is the only tidbit you get. Now, press play and get after it.

8. Kresy - First Seaside Fling, Let’s Play House

Summer lovin, happened so fast. First seaside fling, having a blast. That is not how it goes in Grease, but the message is clear, this is a song to think back on youthful, blissful, oceanically geographic themed love. The drums and high hats really get you going and guide you, commanding.

7. Notize - Meadow Run, Next Wave Records

Round and round, revolving, light shining, this is the song that plays in the disco ball's head. So cool and it knows it, but still down to party. Notize, well done, mission accomplished, you did it, I'm a fan for life.

6. Argonaut & wasp - Higher Ground

Now this is indie dance. It's doing its own thing, and boy can that guy sing. I love the guitar and the orchestral synthesizer arrangement, oh it gives me chills. OH and that electric piano though...

5. Disco Fries ft. Niko The Kid - The Light (MANIK Remix)

Deep, deep, this is deep! MANIK's remix is subdued and mature. It has the best of both worlds, a deep house focus and a little bit of disco elements to get you going and keep you going. What a beautiful voice as well by the way! Do you ever fall in love with a singer and just think it must be the voice of the most beautiful person in the world?

4. Nicolas Hannig - Hold On, Well Done! Music

A new favorite label, Well Done! Music gets it done! Nicolas Hannig is going to kick your night into the stratosphere. If you are tired, if you need a second wind, press play and this is the energizer, the rejuvenator. So, hold on, you're going to have fun.

3. Johnny Jewel - Desire / Mirroir Mirroir (Instrumental Dub)

More free classic instrumentals and tunes from the italo disco guru and all around amazing musician Johnny Jewel. I have to chart it, it’s just that good that I always have to bring your attention to it! Mystical, magical and whatever other great m adjective you can think of, that’s this track.

2. Jules Born - Things I Used to Know Demo

A love of the groove and the groove in love waltz around in this Tanner Ross produced Jules Born track. This song has no time, it has no place, it is perfect anywhere and that’s why it feels like a classic.

1. Monkey Safari - Cranes (Kölsch Remix)

Hold on, we’re going to feel something big with this one… Kölsch, it's not surprising, it's standard with whatever you do. But damn, the melodic vibes are huge. Sure, it's not particularly indie dance or disco, more melodic and epic. Yet, this is the type of tune that you are going to hear the world over I think in the next few months, so I would be amiss if I didn't draw it to your attention.

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