Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections [January 22]


Who is ready to bounce? Who is ready to spin? This week's Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco selections are all about moving and grooving. Some people say they can't dance, I don't believe that for a second! Everyone can dance, it's just all a matter of perspective and letting go. We all know you are not Michael Jackson, so cut yourself slack and just accept the fact that we all want to have fun, and that's how great dancing is done. Your boy Giorgio Moroder certainly wants you getting down, so why deny the godfather of disco? Get out there and show us what you got! Time to dance!

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10. Late Night Hustle - Hustled Funk EP, InStereo Recordings

Undulation is a key quality I find in solid nu-disco, and is that because disco holds records and disco balls as revered components? I guess it's all about spinning in a sense, and this EP is going to send you right round and round.

9. Scurrilous - Anything Yet, Foreign Language Records

A song whose individual elements all feel like unique little critters scurrying this way and that. Time to get weird my people, after all, it's time to dance and this is the perfect track for just that.

8. Housing Corp - When I Hit The Club

You ready for some peak g-house? I mean, it's not just at the top of the G-house game, but it was intentionally made for the peak moments of Housing Corp's sets. So, I won't go on too much more, put this on and see if it's a success. Will this tune get you going wild after a full set build up of on point selections?

7. Kolombo & Malikk - Ladies EP, Loulou Records

The continued dominance of G-House persists, and by god I'm all about it. The funk focus of this EP makes it an ideal party starter to loosen you up or also the ideal EP to cruise to the party to. This is one you should start your night with, and let the rest just play out all thanks to the good vibes of G-House! It's going to have a big moment this year I contend, and god damn did Kolombo & Malikk get the year started right.

6. FREY - Lovin U, Indiana Tones

Romance and disco go together like alcohol and nightclubs, you really can't find one without the other. Strong vocals imbuing a strong bassline with an amorous energy make this a memorable work and also extremely effective one. FREY has made a song that's going to move mind, body, soul and most importantly heart.

5. T. Williams - Back & Forth

Bounce. If there is one word that is the perfect word to advise you what to do while listening this song, it's definitely bounce! There is no calm moment, no sense of stability in this frenetic work, so move your body and go with it. The strong and various crescendos at play amp the energy level up, so don't fight it, just bounce when you feel it!

4. Sarah P - Moving On

Dark pop with italo disco influence is the right way to go about it, Sarah P. She's working something out in this song, and in an almost cinematic duet where her innocent voice dances and pushes back against monstrous synths. It feels like a rather successful electronic interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. This won't be the last time I listen to this song. There is a lot of substance here to spend some time with on repeat.

3. Erol Alkan - Sub Conscious (Tin Man Remix), Phantasy Sound

Tin man remixes a specific song made by Erol Alkan for his critically acclaimed 'FabricLive 77' mix. With a recognizable and strong style that embraces slow and subtly shifting patterns, Tin Man delivers a song that defies genre, while capitalizing on the best of all worlds from ambient to house and techno. It's a nebulous work of music. It will seep into your being like the glowing neon smoke of any respectable club's smoke machine.

2. Amtrac - Truly

Focus and get serious, Amtrac's given you a song that has got some work to do. The kid from Kentucky who can't stop, won't stop is back at it with 'Truly', a BPM inspired tune. This is a club monster, so hide the women, hide the children. The forward moving energy of the entire production grips you and never lets go. The mysterious vocal that I think is saying "through the mirror" is on point and keeps you guessing, drawing you in closer, deeper into the song's embrace.

1. Giogio Moroder feat. Kylie Minogue - Right Here, Right Now

Have we died and gone to disco heaven? The man who got the proverbial disco ball spinning is back with the lead single off his upcoming album. Coming in hot with a huge feature of Kylie Minogue, this is a song that is making its presence known. He may have taken a hiatus from music, and the robots may have re-ignited his creative fire, but Giorgio is back and better than ever.

Mix of the Week! - Aux tha Masterfader b2b L’Equipe Du Son Noorderslag 2015 @ Subsonic

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH. This is everything you could ever want out of a nu-disco set, so stop reading, press play and start dancing!

And here we are with the ever present, always there for you playlist hookup!

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