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Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Selections [January 8]

Fresh Selection: Stimming ft. Lazarusman & Pezzner - Stay the Same

The year is off and running! Good music shows no signs of slowing, and with all the big spring festivals getting the internet all in a tizzy with lineup announcements, you know we’re all eager to get some fresh new tunes to practice our improved festival and nightclub techniques. Sure it’s a little cold the world over in the northern hemisphere, but only a few more months and then the party is here. These selections are paired with the promise of spring in the distant horizon as the theme. Let the theme of a positive horizon keep you hustling. It’s a great new year with a fresh start, so it’s time to start this Top Indie Dance & Nu-Disco Chart!

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10. Room 303 - “Make You Cry”, Sleazy Deep

Well, kicking off the chart at our number ten spot is some haunting disco. Still upbeat, but there hangs an air of tragedy and heartache throughout. Room 303 must be working some things out here, and I appreciate the journey towards something emotional and real.

9. Vintage Culture & Re Dupre - “C.R.E.A.M. & Love Haters”

A glorious G-House assault is coming right at your face, so grab something and hold tight. This song hits, and bounces, and hits some more. Vintage Culture & Re Dupre get down and dirty!

8. Claus Casper & Jean Philips - “Anytime, Anywhere”

When he’s known around town and the world over as a master of disco, you’d be well advised to eagerly embrace every Claus Casper release. This is some melodic disco, the sit back and kick it disco. Oh, and if you want more, well he did a lovely podcast for us!

7. Radiolevel - “The Funky White Horse”, Mr Jack Recordings

Contemporary disco is always a showstopper for this writer. It’s even got those wonderful disco space noises popping off left and right, and that female voice sends chills down the spines every time she ooo’s. Oh yeah.

6. Rich Vom Dorf - “Complication”, Ton liebt Klang

Here is a selection on the lighter, a happy cartoon critter of a song. This song feels almost as if Walt Disney got into dance music, and that is a pleasant fantasy. It is fun, light, magical and epic.

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5. Maxxi Soundsystem ft. Name One - “Lone Raver”, Culprit

A noble character, that lone raver. Not quite a unicorn, but possibly clad in unicorn attire. Dancing and embracing the party wherever the music and vibe is right, doesn’t matter the size, space or place. Maxxi Soundsystem and Name One have done something very right with this one.

4. Wild Culture - “with YOU”, Kittball

Wild Culture are staples of Kitball, and with their fourth original release, ‘with YOU’, they deliver something full of atmosphere and hypnosis. We all need music that transports us, allows us to escape, and Wild Culture certainly seem to be the ticket to take you far away.

3. Full Crate x Mar - “Nobody Else (Hotel Garuda Remix)”

In the mood for a glorious garage remix? Anytime a song gets sensual or a touch towards the intimate, it’s achieved a sense of life that allows it to grow on you. This song feels like a complete person in of itself, and you can dive deep on its many layers, so this is how you remix folks, damn fine skills here.

2. KiNK - “Fantasia”, Pets Recordings

This cut has an edge. It’s a mesmerising song, brooding and slow burning. The synths are alive and all over the place, wiggling around, getting weird with it and embracing the acidic. Oh yeah, this is a definitive Pets Recordings tune, and it’s a song that gets you going.

1. Stimming feat. Lazarusman & Pezzner - “Stay The Same”, Diynamic

Something a little different for our number one this week. Stimming is not one for anything ordinary, and here he delivers a slight bit of psychedelia. It’s a trip that seems to be tripping on itself, starting with a great guitar sample that revolves smoothly over itself. Overall, it’s a rhythmic dream, and I could live in this song for hours.

Mix of the Week! Classix & Daniel T. - “Recovery”

Classixx & Daniel T. are master selectors individually, you should know this, but now I’ve said it and you can’t deny it. So, once you listen, you will truly know they are just the ideal type of DJs who will entertain and educate you. In This Recovery mix they blend some great songs and totally new discoveries that will knock your socks right off.

Playlists are good for mind, body and soul!

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