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Top Techno Chart - 1.22.15

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Top Techno Chart - 1.22.15



Hello Magnetic Magazine readers! My name is Cameron and it is my honor to be the new editor and curator of the Techno chart. Since this is my first post I will give you a brief explanation of how I came to be sitting at this keyboard and then get on to the music. I was raised up in the San Francisco Bay Area where, when I was 13, I discovered electronic music. I am digging through my CDs from then as I write this so I will just name a few of my favorites (Raise your hand if you know them!):

Propellerheads – DecksDrumsandRockandRoll
Paul Oakenfold – Tranceport
Aphrodite – Urban Jungle
Alice DJ – Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
Darude – Before the Storm
Basement Jaxx - Rooty
And of course Global Underground 6 (John Digweed), 13 (Sasha), 14 (Digweed), and 19 (Digweed)

I wanted so badly to go to a club or a rave to see what it was like. I wanted to hear the music on the big sound system, to feel it as it was meant to be experienced. I had seen a few pictures online (before Youtube, mind you) and I could tell that there was an environment of love, positivity, and fun! As a 13 year-old you can imagine it may have been difficult for me to get into a club or rave. So I did not get to experience any kind of electronic music event until my early 20’s.

Enter Hard Haunted Mansion 2008. Some of you reading this may have been there, for some of you that may have been just another party, for me it was a rekindling of my passion for electronic music. It was everything I had imagined it would be and more. I was hooked by the pumping music, the amazing light show, and the loving accepting atmosphere in the crowd (one might say P.L.U.R.).

Since then I have been to many other shows and learned to DJ. I perform as Master Wayne and I have played all kinds of music but my favorite gigs are where I can play hard, driving electronic music. This chart is going to be built from my favorite Techno tracks that are newly released and soon to be released, from major labels to indies, big names to not-yet-known names. I am digging for tracks that you can’t help but move your feet to. OK, let’s get to it.

#10 Harry Romero – "Anafogue (Original Mix)" [Saved Records]
Harry Romero nailed this Tech House shuffler. He uses the plucky synth to hypnotize you before dropping the bass on your head. A fun way to start off the chart.

#9 Terranova – "Tourette (David Mayer Remix)" [KOMPAKT]
David Mayer flipped this into a fascinating blooming Techno track. The percussive elements really shine on this one. The energy flows so well that he makes juggling so many sounds look easy. I recommend listening to it on headphones to truly experience the stereo effects.

#8 UMEK – "Everybody Get Up (Original Mix)" [1605]
This is another groovin’ track from the O.G. tech master, UMEK. The energy from the bass line makes it a perfect party starter. It is sure to be another big year for Tech House and for his label, 1605.

#7 Arjun Vagale – "It’s Like That (NYC Mix)" [Tronic Music]
This track is a frenzy of energy, perfect for kicking the party up a notch. It has a beat that just doesn’t quit. I can feel the sweat beading up already.

#6 Newbie Nerdz & Moonwalk – "I Wanna (Original Mix)" [Lapsus Music]
This is in-your-face tech house. Newbie Nerdz & Moonwalk throw it down in this bassy, high-energy stomper.

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#5 Riva Starr & Gene Farris – "After Dark (is when we move) (Original Mix)" [Dirtybird]
Riva Starr & Gene Farris deliver this beefy tech track on the upcoming Dirtybird 10 release. Starr & Farris really pulled out all the stops for Dirtybird’s 10th birthday. I really love the grimey bass.

#4 Jay Lumen – "You Know (Original Mix)" [Octopus Records]
I love the dark and twisted feel of this track. The breakdown puts you into a trance and then Lumen wakes you up with a proper drop. It makes me want to throw a party in an abandoned factory.

#3 Plastikman – "EXposed (Dubfire Remix)" [Mute]
Deep and dark out of the gate, Dubfire has given us his take on Plastikman. This is no ordinary techno track but a 13 minute epic that takes your eardrums on a sonic journey.

#2 Gene Farris – "Move Your Body (Nathan Barato Remix)" [Relief Records]
I heard this on Carl Cox Global while I was driving and I just cranked it up. It has a super heavy bass and an infectious energy that you just have to move to.

#1 Dubspeeka – "Primary K293 (Original Mix)" [Drumcode]
Wow this track is firing on all cylinders. The whole EP is firing on all cylinders. This is heavy techno at its best. This particular track grabbed my attention because it is so ethereal and haunting. A deus ex machina.

Here is the full playlist for you to enjoy. Thanks for reading, I will see you all next week!

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